What If You Could Not Sell Your Stocks?
by | Posted 11.9.2012 | Post Comment (No Comments)

Last week the New York Stock Exchange was forced to shut down due to Superstorm Sandy. If you wanted to buy or sell US stocks during this time you would not be able to. While the market was only closed for two days, it got me thinking about how comfortable I would be with my stock portfolio if the market ever closed for an extended period of time and I were unable to sell any of my holdings. Usually the New York Stock exchange tries to avoid closures and they do a very good job of staying open. The longest closure in history was in 1914 when you would not have been able to trade stocks for 137 days. The market was closed to stock trading from July 31, 1914 through December 15, 1914 due to the outbreak of World War I.

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