Weekly Blog Round: Real Estate Downtrend
by | Posted 2.3.2013 | Post Comment (No Comments)

It’s clear that all the crystal balls from last year, or even the year before, predicting a housing crash were simply wrong. I don’t believe ever reading analysts predicting a crash but headlines from the media were sensational. I have said this more than once, when individuals interviewed about their finances all believe they are in control but they don’t think others are, the reality is that everyone thinks they are in control regardless of what the ratio of income to debt is. It doesn’t make it any better that the flock believes it is fine. In fact, some doomsday sayer around the real estate thought about shorting the biggest alternate mortgage company (Home Capital Group). So far, that strategy has not been a successful one so far. I should note that HCG is a Canadian Dividend Aristocrats too

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