Top 10 Stock Research Websites
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The most important thing when you invest in dividend stocks is not the size of your portfolio, the number of transactions or the dividend yield. The most important thing is the research you do prior to making your trade.


Selecting a stock that you will hold for 5, 10 even 15 years is not an easy task. A Dividend investor must look at keeping his stocks for such a long period of time in order to reap the dividend yield and benefit from the dividend growth. If you hold a stock that grows its dividend payout by 7% each year, the dividend yield will double in 10 years!


How Can You Pick The Right Stock for the Next Ten Years? By Doing Some Research!


There are no secrets to building a strong dividend portfolio. You need a stock analysis method and a list of financial websites from which to find your information.  We will be covering stock analysis methods in this blog through other articles. Today’s blog is about our Top Ten Stock Research Websites. The problem with the internet is that there is a lot of free information. Sometimes it’s too much and our brain is not able to focus on the right info. This top ten is aimed at websites that provide a lot of information on stocks but won’t provide you with stock picking ideas.


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#1 Reuters

We like Reuters because you can get a lot of news and key developments about the stock. You have a complete history and breakdown of the company’s field of operations. You can quickly see if the stock is beating analysts’ expectations as well. It’s definitely one of our first sources for financial info.


#2 MorningStar

Morningstar is another great place to gather information on a stock, fund or bonds. The free options are great and there is also a possibility to get even more financial data through their paid program.


#3 Google Finance

We like the way financial charts are displayed and their stock filter is useful too.


#4 Wiki Invest

Wiki Invest works under the same philosophy as Wikipedia. It enables anybody who wants to share their knowledge on a company to add information. It’s a great way to get partial analysis on the stock you are looking for you but you are better off cross referencing your data to make sure you have the right info.


#5 Yahoo Finance

Similar to Google Finance, Yahoo Finance offers standard financial info for your stock research. When you select the option “more key statistics” while browsing a stock financial data, you get several interesting metrics. This is one of the only sites providing the dividend payout ratio.


#6 Bloomberg

Bloomberg is probably my favorite site on my mobile when I’m looking for financial news. They offer great articles on the stock market and cover international financial news in a thorough manner.


#7 Drip Investing

You will find a lot of information on DRIPs on this site. You will also be able to download Excel and PDF documents to help you with portfolio management.


#8 Market Watch

Interesting enough, you even get the revenue generated per employee!


#9 Big Charts

A Classic if you are looking for a stock chart!


#10 Value Line

I’ve put Value Line in a low position in our stock research website because you need to pay to get a lot of their information. Therefore, if you want to invest money in a stock research website, you may want to consider it. If you are only looking for free sites, just pass on this suggestion.



This is only the beginning


When I look at this list, I have a feeling that it’s not complete. In fact, it doesn’t include sites that are providing stock analyses, dividend investing blogs and stock filters. These will be cover in other articles! You can also checkout this longer list of stock research websites.


In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, we would like to know which sites you use for your own stock research.



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