This Largely Unknown Tech Stock Just Announced A HUGE Cash And Dividend Increase
by | Posted 9.13.2012 | Post Comment (No Comments)

Tech companies are not usually known for dividend increases. Historically, most of them would pour every dollar back into the business to meet growth expectations. When growth slowed, they would purchase their stock with excess cash and eventually pay a dividend when all other uses of cash were extinguished. Not all tech companies follow this pattern…

Epiq Systems (EPIQ) is a software and services company that deals with bankruptcy claims, assets, financial records, and other data associated with liquidations and reorganizations for the legal profession. In July 2010 it paid its first dividend at $0.035 per share. From there it nearly doubled its original dividend to $0.065 per share. An 85% increase in 2 years is impressive, but EPIQ didn’t stop there.

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