Tell Me Your Debt Ratio Is Not This Bad…
by | Posted 9.13.2012 | Post Comment (No Comments)

I thought this chart was fascinating. The most striking part obviously is that Canada’s numbers look incredibly bad. It seems pretty basic doesn’t it? Dividend investing is all about creating passive income, or cash flows that enable us to live without worrying about working for every dollar, to not be forced to start using our retirement funds but rather simply live off of our passive income. I’ve recently started writing about where I currently stand in terms of passive income and while I look like I’m very far, things will actually be improving very fast and I’m confident that I’ll get there, especially with a solid plan and a dedication to improving my cash flows. It’s not about hitting a homerun but rather about constant and never ending improvement, buying more dividend shares, reinvesting whatever cash flows that you can and looking for long term sustainable dividend stocks.

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