Recent Buy: CLF, BNS and RY
by | Posted 8.16.2012 | Post Comment (No Comments)

Buy Low and Sell High is a great investment tenet. One of the biggest dilemmas with this investment doctrine, is when markets are down, it doesn’t always mean you have the funds to invest. Case in point, in May 2012 the TSX hit its 52 week lows. Although I have no way to know where market tops or bottoms are, I would love to have bought into some great stocks at that time. If I am already fully invested, and don’t have any investment capital, then it really makes no difference whether markets are down or up. While I don’t like buying equities in a rising market, I certainly don’t see the benefit of sitting on cash either. I like to get my distributions, dividends, and any potential for gains working for me sooner than later!

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