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Hi. My name is Dividend Mantra. I have a problem. I’m addicted to dividends.

Ha! I’m just kidding of course. But, if there were a “Dividend Addicts Anonymous” I would probably be a founding member. Who wants to join me?

I had planned on refraining from purchasing any more equities until next month, choosing instead to sit on a small cash position hoping for some market weakness heading into March. But I always go back to remembering what I’m doing here in the first place: building a dividend growth portfolio to supply me with rising passive income to fund an early retirement. It’s hard to build a portfolio if you’re not buying stocks. Besides, as always I believe it’s possible to find attractively valued/fairly valued stocks in all market conditions. I don’t focus on the value of the market as a whole, but instead focus on the individual businesses behind the stocks and the valuation of those individual stocks. And so with this viewpoint I decided to deploy some capital and add a new position to my portfolio.

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