It Takes 1 Stock To Crash Your Portfolio And 1 Stock To Bring it Back To Life
by | Posted 8.14.2012 | Post Comment (No Comments)

Investing can be pretty frustrating sometimes. You can make a lot of “okay” and “good” trades to make some decent profit. But if you have some bad luck to pick a poor company, your whole portfolio can be damaged. I just wrote the word “luck” in an investment blog… man! I should have written “if you have the lack of discipline to deviate from your investing strategy!”. It is true that you might run into some bad luck when you select your own stocks. But most of the time, when a trade goes wrong, it’s because you haven’t followed your investment strategy. If you have followed this blog for a while, you probably know that I didn’t stick to my investment plan and I’m paying the price for it this year.

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