How To Move Away From Mutual Funds and Open an Online Broker Account
by | Posted 2.4.2013 | Post Comment (No Comments)

Your advisor doesn’t call.

Your funds don’t perform.

You pay 2.5% in management fees for no service and no performance.

You love reading about financial news and looking at stocks. But it’s impossible for you to make any investment decisions when you are in mutual funds.

How much longer can you handle this situation?

For many individuals, investing in mutual funds through a financial advisor is the best thing they could do. Lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of interest or lack of emotional control are four very good reasons to not manage your portfolio on your own. Don’t be influenced by the media telling you that MERs (management fees) are the worst plague of the 21st century. If you have no idea and no intention of managing your portfolio, mutual funds are still in your best interest.

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