Four Consumer Stocks for a 2013 Economic Expansion
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With the continuing rebound of the global economy for a fourth consecutive year, corporate revenues and profits are at record highs. US multinational corporations, which have substantial operations abroad, are very well positioned for the expansion in the number of middle class consumers in the developing markets. While there is some weakness in developed economies of Europe, the long-term trends of rapid growth in emerging market economies will be more than sufficient to boost activity on a global basis. There certainly are benefits to having truly global operations, as economies fare on different cycles. For example, in the late 1990’s, many emerging markets in such as Russia experienced negative growth and high inflation. The Asian financial crisis in the mid to late 1990’s also affected many countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Hong-Kong. In the 2000’s however, the Russian economy expanded. The Asian economies have been growing as well, fueled by China and India.

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