Dividend Growth Index

Dividend Growth Index

What’s the Dividend Growth Index?


This index has been created by 8 knowledgeable Dividend Bloggers. The purpose of the Dividend Growth Index is to demonstrate the power of dividend growth. Therefore, this is not a “stock pick contest” but rather a dividend portfolio managed by 8 different investors.


Each blogger will follow the dividend growth index on a quarterly basis by presenting the overall portfolio and comment on their 3 stocks. At Dividend Stock Analysis, we will follow the progression of this index through time.


Dividend Growth Index Rules

The Dividend Growth Index starts with stock prices on September 30th, 2011 and will update performance on a quarterly basis (September 30th, December 31st, March 31stand June 30th).  There is a “virtual cash account” where dividends will be reinvested. Once a year, each blogger will make the decision to reinvest those dividends into one of their 3 stocks.  We do not take into consideration transaction costs, inflation or taxes. It makes it easier to follow and leaves less open to interpretation.


Who’s part of this project?

I’m very proud of the crowd I was able to gather around this project. Each blogger is an experienced investor and has some great dividend posts under their belt. So here we go!


Dividend Monk

An experienced investor since 2006 and blogger since 2010, The Dividend Monk sees himself as “a minimalist with a sharp focus to build wealth with a responsible, long-term view. He views money as a valuable resource, and resources can help you achieve your goals and increase your options in life, whatever they may be.”


Dividend Mantra

A frugal and well-disciplined investor (he saves up to 50% of his income!). Dividend Mantra started his blog this year. He is relatively new to dividend investing but surely puts a lot of effort into it!


Dividend Ninja

Before I even started to read his first post, Dividend Ninja caught my attention by his cool name. He “converted” to dividend investing after the crash of 2008 and then left the world of mutual funds to the much better world of dividend growth.


Dividend Growth Investor

This is one of the top dividend blogs on the web. DGI has been around since 2008. Founder of the Div-Net and proud member of Seeking Alpha, DGI provides high quality dividend stock analysis.


The Wealthy Canadian

Jason, aka The Wealthy Canadian authors this new blog since July 2011 but he is no rookie blogger. And he is not new to investing either. The Wealthy Canadian certainly deserves a read and I’m sure you’ll head to his blog if I tell you that this guy is semi-retired at the age of… 33!


Passive Income Earner

The Passive Income Earner is another very solid dividend investing blog. This blog has grown significantly in 2011 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name in the newspapers shortly  .


My Own Advisor

The last but not the least, Mark was once called “financial cents”. My Own Advisor has been running since 2009 and covers dividend and index investing. Another great resource for dividend investors!


And myself; The Dividend Guy Blog!


I guess you know me already so I don’t have to introduce myself. If you are new to this blog, I strongly suggest that you take a look at my Free Dividend Investing eBook and sign-up for my free newsletter.



The Dividend Growth Index:

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