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Gluskin Sheff + Associates is one of the first Canadian private wealth management companies founded. GS manages investment portfolios for high net worth clients as well as institutional investors, foundations and municipalities. They claim to be “Stubbornly unconventional”. Founded in 1984 by Ira Gluskin and Gerald Sheff and 24 other private clients, the company is still owned at 26% by senior management and employees. I can appreciate the fact that 26% of shareholders have an even bigger interest in the well being of a company than the average investor. For these people, GS is their whole financial life.

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Canadian Utilities is a company I was not aware of until I saw it on the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats list. As I favor regular and consistent dividend increase, I needed to have a look at the company. CU is a holding company operating in 4 sectors: Utilities with the distribution of natural gas and electricity through ATCO, Northland Utilities and Yukon Electric. Energy generation, storage and processing through ATCO. Structures & Logistic provides services across 5 continents as a turnkey solution. Technology through ATCO Australia provides a number of business and IT services.

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Saputo started back in 1954 after the family immigrated from Sicily. From one store to a multi-billion dollars operation in less than 50 years. Since the first store, the business has been in the family and operated by the family. Saputo produces, distributes and markets a wide range of diary products. Saputo employs just over 10 thousands people in 47 plants. As a Canadian, chances are, you are already using one of their products without knowing it. Saputo produces 32% of the cheese and 35% of the milk in Canada. In the past years, Saputo has been acquiring businesses outside of Canada to expend its business.

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Yesterday, I took a look at one company chosen to be part of my best 2012 dividend stock; IGM Financial. Today, we are taking a look at its big sister, a stock in my Best 2013 dividend stocks; Power Corporation. Power Corporation (POW) Business Description: Power Corporation is a holding company. It owns interests in several other companies such as Investors Group (IGM), Great West (GWO) and London Life (Freedom 55 anyone?). Their primary core of business is investments, financial planning and life insurance. It also owns interests in communications and media through Square Victoria Communication Group.

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I have sent out a couple of emails about investing strategies through my mailing list lately and it has generated some interesting discussion about certain stocks. Two of them were brought to my attention as they are somewhat similar: IGM Financials (Investors Group) and Power Corporation. Since I have covered IGM in my best 2012 dividend stocks and picked Power Corporation for 2013 (download the book here), I thought of sharing more views about both stocks. Here’s my IGM stock analysis.

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Tim Hortons (THI) is definitely a Canadian symbol. Wherever you go in Canada, chances are you can find a Tim’s coffee However remote you may be … The growth of Tim Hortons has also crossed the borders. Tim Hortons has evolved with competitions by offering new kind of sandwiches above their offering of donuts along with integrating a Cold Stone ice scream bar. Competition has been stiff with MacDonald stepping up its coffee offering with new redesigned McCafe and then there is Starbucks working on keeping their hold on their customers. The coffee business is big business it would appear. If you want to get technical trend analysis on Tim Hortons (or any other stocks), use one of the free services below. You’ll get a free email in your inbox on technical trends.

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Similar to the consumer staple dividend stock analysis series (including CLX, CL, KMB, PG, JNJ) I published in October, I’m starting a new one on Canadian utilities dividend stocks. Canadian utilities can be quite interesting for both Canadian and US investors as they offer great diversification within their power sources. They show great strengths in both oil (pipelines) and electric power plants. Transcanada is an energy infrastructure company focusing on three core businesses: Natural Gas (via pipeline) Oil (via pipeline) Energy

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Canadian National Resources (CNQ) is an energy company operating in the crude oil and natural gas sectors. They have operations in North America, the North Sea and on the coast of Africa. The company is quite large for a Canadian company but relatively small when compared to many multi-national oil & gas corporations. Pricing on natural gas and oil is really affecting them and there appears to be a lack of consensus by analysts as well. will show you what many analysts have to say and for CNQ, it varies from Top Pick to Don’t Buy.

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I just read some analyst comments on Stock Chase that are very pertinent to anyone investing in Power Corp, Power Financial, or IGM Financial. Basically, the mutual fund industry appears to have wisenup and they started lowering their MER (Management Expense Ratio) – at least for Investor Group. You can read the announcement from IGM Financial. For mutual funds companies, like IGM (owned partly by PWF and consequently owned by POW due to the ownership structure), the MER has a direct impact on profit and therefore the stock price and long term growth. We should expect to see some adjustments in the short term.

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So…. how was the month of April on your portfolio? Mine wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great either! It’s a good thing we have dividend to get paid to wait! Speaking of which, if you are looking for dividend increasing Canadian stocks, I’ve put together the fast growing dividend stock list. I bet you can find a few interesting pick there!