25 Companies raising distribution in 2012’s busiest week for dividend increases
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The past week was the busiest week for dividends increases that I have noticed in my four and a half years as a dividend blogger. There were 66 companies which raised distributions. Apparently, no one bothered to inform these Board of Directors committees about the potential for steep increases in taxes on dividend income. I chose to highlight 25 of these companies that have been able to successfully raise dividends for over 5 years in a row. Corporations’ dividend policies are typically forward looking. Companies that announce dividend increases do so, only after a careful consideration of future economic and business factors, in order to make certain that it will be able to afford the increased payout. This vote of confidence shows that few corporate boardrooms consider the risk of increases in tax rates to be a big issue. This is also a vote of confidence in the business prospects for the next few years.

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